The forums are back!

After much fiddling and correcting the back-up data that would not import correctly, the forums are back up. The author of the theme has not updated it for the current version of phpBB, and some of the files that users uploaded to the forums are missing. Other than that, the forums are back to what they were when Kallokain tried to update the forums.

On the subject of what happened to the forums to begin with, Kallokain was up against worse odds than he knew. WordPress and phpBB were multiple versions out of date. The forums had data in them that were formatted in a way that would not convert correctly. It also caused problems trying to import the data. It was quite the ordeal to find all that and fix it. Also the back-up files only have incomplete copies of the files that people uploaded to the site. It’s no wonder the site crashed when he tried to update it. It would have been nothing short of miraculous if it hadn’t.

Anyway, the forums are back up. For those that want to walk down memory lane, enjoy!


More progress

The original forums have mostly been restored. The posts are all there, but some of the pictures and a few of the links don’t work. Still working on the forums that broke when Kallokain tried to upgrade them. I have them working enough that I can pull up the posts when I set them up on my local computer. Most of the image files that were uploaded to the site are still missing and the themes are all broken. If all goes well, they should be back in good enough shape I can put them up on the live site by the end of next weekend.


The web site is back


Finally, after much fiddling and learning about web sites, progress. The forums still need work though. They are where they were at when Kallokain broke them.


I broke the forums.

I was doing some forums maintenance, updating this and that, and broke the forums. I did have very recent backups, but signatures and pics uploaded to the forums may be lost. Posts and users should remain after the backup. Sorry for the problem, it will be fixed ASAP.

The Murmur VI

There are Whispers in the Dark…

It was for many a solemn night that Nyx stood bereft of its swift herald. The secret locations that once fostered these texts proved vacant and dim. The anonymous vendors that once distributed this newsletter to Nyx affiliates shrugged many a curious customer away with no account of the Murmur’s venue. However before you now, child of fate, rests the rekindling of a criterion. May I reintroduce myself, Whisper, as your humble servant and forerunner. As the voice whose duty is to recant the glories of Nyx, hereby do I solemnly swear to speak truthfully and with pristine alacrity the glories of our legion. The word has already spread amongst the streets of our cities that “Whisper’s agents are once again among us!”, for the unknown presence in the room; the cool precursor to the standing hairs on your neck; the voices you hear in a dark corridor… These things can only mean that the Murmur has returned! -Whisper

The Fifth Anniversary of Nyx!

A Testament to Fortitude

A Testament to Fortitude

It was but five years ago that the heroes and vagabonds of Nyx accumulated together, beckoned by the voice of our Umbral Mistress, to create one of the strongest fortified unions known to the armies of the Horde. It is today, the eighteenth of the month of love, that our centurions amass together to relish in the victories of Nyx, and to praise its integrity as one of the oldest foundations surviving under the banner of the Horde. The streets of Dalaran ran rampant with boisterous Nyxians, as they set off explosives and cavorted about in a drunken stupor. If you invoke the enchanted photograph in this section, you will find more information on the soiree and you may vote on who was the most vibrant of the celebration!

The End of an Oracle’s Obligation… Aitana’s Resolution.

Our Timeless Guardian

Our Timeless Guardian

Tis’ a forlorn task to prove the integrity of rumors, however, tis’ a task that must be seen through. If some may or may not have heard, Elder Aitana has found a new calling; a calling that will permit her to relinquish her standing as Oracle of Nyx. What does this mean for the Lady’s legion? Is this truly the will of Lady Nyx? Has this shining idol met her journey’s end… or, was this all preparation for the Elder’s true calling? To see how these truths were found and formulated, invoke the enchanted photograph in this section, to be granted access to the sealed page with the story.

A Parting Word to My Comrades…

Azeroth has long changed since the evils of the Frozen Prince were quelled, presenting to us now even more harrowing enemies to engage. It is my obligation and honor to continue these scripts so that our triumphs live on in memory. Till we meet again… sleep quietly and dream of glory, O’ children of the abyss.

Lady Nyx Calls Us to the Stars!

Throm’ka, traveller! I see we meet again in these old halls. Aka’magosh!

On this night, we hear of news from the heavens. On this night, it seems that a group of those who follow Our Lady of Shadows has seen mysteries revealed! They have delved into the lands of the north, and they have returned victorious!

It seems that Algaron the Observer once again came to Azeroth. Algaron, the Observer of the Titans, sought to determine Azeroth’s worth. He sought to find those worthy of fighting for the land. On this night, NYX FOUGHT ALGARON FOR THE HONOR OF ALL!

And once again, NYX IS VICTORIOUS!


Farewell, traveller. The next time we meet, may it be among the stars.

((“Starcaller” title run tonight was great! The group was led by Brawr and consisted of Brawr, Azim, Trentis, Partedhair, Darkclouded, Blightwind, Aitana, Equusmunus, Cami, and Asarelah. Great run, all!))


Throm’ka, Traveller!

On this night I bring you news of battle to come!
We have all seen unleashed upon our lands The Great Cataclysm!
The Twilight’s Hammer, Vile Powers of the Elements, and even the horrid Deathwing have brought great death to the land!
But the winter is here, and we shall not lie in sleep in the cold!
The Followers of Dark Lady Nyx will not abide it! We shall take the conflict back from where it came!


Until we meet again, traveller. The next time we meet, may it be in a world free of the taint of Deathwing.

((ooc  – Information For Progression Raiders and potential applicants to the guild:
Raids begin January 11, 2011.

For Progression Raiding
– First Raids Throne of the Four Winds and Blackwing Descent
ilvl 345 and Ready for Raiding and Cataclysmically Superior Required – Screenshot may be requested
– Tanks – 138k unbuffed 25% dodge and Parry (avoidance) where Applicable
– Healers – Mana regen must be maintained for 10+minutes
– DPS – 9k minimum
– if these conditions are not met you may be asked to leave at the Raid leaders discretion
– Bring your OWN class and Spec specific buff Food and potions and elixirs))

The Next Chapter Begins!


What began with the rumblings in the earth has culminated in a full scale disaster. The Tribe has been on a quest for weeks now to gather the ingredients essential for completing a ritual to summon their Dark Mother, the Lady Nyx. It is their hope that they will find some answers to what ails the world and perhaps learn how they can mend it. Tomorrow night, the Tribe comes together to learn if their efforts have paid off, and if they have, will they receive their Dark Mother’s favor? Or her wrath?


Throm’ka, Traveller!

On this night I bring you news of Glory, Honor, and VICTORY!


On this night, the Followers of Lady Nyx downed Arthas Menethil, The Lich King!
His rise to his Frozen Throne of Vile brought countless deaths to Azeroth!
On this night, Nyx brought VENGEANCE to The Lich King!
The deaths that Arthas Menethil caused were returned to him hundredfold!

All hail Saevelas, Grawlix, Blightwind, Feylie, Predatoro, Aelyrra, Leothiel, Utada. Marzenna and Azulana!

Until we meet again, traveller. The next time we meet, it will be in a world bettered by this victory.

((This was the Nyx Prime-Time group. All members of this team are Nyx members.))

NYX: Rise Of The Dark Mother’s Champions (Guild Wide Event )


It began with simple rumblings in the heart of the Barrens. It continued in the form of terrible visions and nightmares that began to plague the Oracles of the lady Nyx at every turn. Delving into various adventures, the armies of Nyx raced to discover the nature of the oncoming danger, yet nothing seemed responsible for the growing quakes that rattled the mountains. The dark mother herself seemingly knew of the oncoming peril, and her visions bore down with increasing fervor on her Oracles- yet the mystery of her warnings could not be solved. Helpless and worried, the great Oracles of Nyx have called out for a massive tribal gathering, harkening to all who wear the banner to convene together. What do the Oracles know? How will it change the tribe and it’s wards? Where is Lady Nyx and what does she know?

Open the page below to delve further into the mystery…

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